Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In The Beginning

This is the beginning of a new era, a place to keep stories of my letterboxing adventures. I'll try not to bore you.

I first read of letterboxing in 2003 while researching a jetty in Rhode Island on the internet. I just wanted to know how long the jetty was, when I found a website listing a letterbox hidden in that same jetty I had just walked on. Hmm...letterbox? This in turn brought me to Letterboxing.org. Since I was already a hiker, I knew this would be fun, but I had no idea how much fun.

At the time, college demands kept me to finding only a one or two boxes per year. Now that's behind me and I'm able to spend my time how I like, instead of studying. In the year since graduation, I have found 15 boxes, so my find rate is improving.

The neatest thing to me about this hobby, is all of the interesting places I've visited that I never knew existed. I keep my boxing pretty local, within 20 minutes of home, and have found great hiking within 5 minutes of home! Metrowest Boston has a lot to offer, there are many conservation properties around, probably right in your back yard and you've never even been there.

My new favorite hike is in Westboro, at Cedar Hill/Sawink Farm. This little gem featuring a glacier-formed drumlin (Cedar Hill) happens to be within walking distance of my former workplace. I worked there for 10 years and never knew this area was there. How tragic that it took me this long to find it. I've found both boxes here, but still come back anyway!

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